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Conserving Energy in Your Town


A Tale of Two Towns

In late 2008, ANJEC began collaborating with the environmental commissions of two New Jersey towns-Summit and Hopewell Township--to create and field-test energy conservation campaigns that could be easily adapted and implemented by communities across the state. Summit's program is aimed at small businesses while Hopewell Township's campaign targeted residents.

Hopewell Township's EQ Challenge
Summit's Energy Ambassador Program

Hopewell Township's EQ Challenge

The Environmental Commission developed the EQ Challenge to inspire good-natured rivalry among residents by having people track their utility bills each month to see who could accomplish the greatest improvement in reducing their household energy consumption.

Summit's Energy Ambassador Program

The Summit Environmental Commission has recruited and trained a number of young Summit Energy Ambassadors, who are educating small business owners about energy efficiency and getting them interested in making cost-saving improvements, many of which will be heavily subsidized through the NJ Office of Clean Energy's (OCE) Direct Install program.

The Energy Ambassador program offers multiple benefits by:

The project team secured the partnership of the local youth center and, with guidance and input from a consultant* and the US Partnership for Education in Sustainable Development, developed an Energy Ambassador job description and training program that began with an all-day adult mentor training followed by a series of eight after-school training sessions for the youth ambassadors conducted by the Summit Environmental Commission. The training includes:

The Energy Ambassadors developed their own work plan to guide them through the process. They also set up a password-protected Google Docs page that allows them to post appointments, view schedules, share photos and collaborate on letters, scripts and status spreadsheets.

Energy Ambassadors wear a name badge and carry a clipboard bearing the program logo that they created. While the Summit Energy Ambassadors chose to design their own logo, this CD also contains a generic logo and program design that other towns can customize for their use. For example, participating companies can receive a certificate or window cling to display in their businesses, showing they are proud sponsors of the program.

The Summit Environmental Commission has been recruiting business sponsors and generating interest in the program by sending out press releases on program stationery to local newspapers, giving slide presentations before local groups and distributing a program brochure. A poster was also developed to promote the program in public locations around town.

*While communities can use the materials in this kit to develop their own Energy Ambassador program without outside assistance, ANJEC has arranged for available training and support for mentors an/or youth ambassadors at a reasonable cost. Please contact the ANJEC Resource Center for more information.


The materials in this kit were developed through an ANJEC partnership with the Environmental Commissions of Hopewell Township & the City of Summit, with funding from the NJ Board of Public Utilities.


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