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PowerPoints and outlines from speakers ANJEC Workshops and the Environmental Congress


44th Annual Environmental Congress, October 2017

Fundamentals for Effective Environmental Commissions, March/April 2017


CSO/LTCP for Environmental Commissions and Green Teams, October 2016


Septic Systems, Clean Water and Your Municipality, October 2016

Septic Systems, Clean Water and Your Municipality


43rd Annual Environmental Congress, September 2016

General Presentations


Workshop Presentations and Handouts

Solutions for NJ Trash Free Waters, May 2016

US EPA Region 2 Trash Free Waters Initiative, Lisa Plevin, US EPA Region 2 Chief of Staff

The Municipal Blue Star Program, Catie Tobin, Clean Ocean Action

NY-NJ Harbor Estuary Program, Plastic Collection Report, Sandra Meola, NYNJ Baykeeper

Rise Above Plastics, Surfrider Foundation

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Science & Policy for Clean Water in the Raritan River --

What's a TMDL?, December 2015

Raritan Basin Nutrient TMDLs, Bill Kibler, Raritan Headwaters Association
Science and Policy for Clean Water in the Raritan River, Heather Fenyk, Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership

2015 Environmental Congress: Fixing Our Water Woes

Featured Presentations

Workshop Presentations & Handouts:


Fundamentals for Effective Environmental Commissions

March 7, 2015

Stewarding Open Space & Successful Grant Writing, November 2014

Stewarding Open Space & Protecting Biological Resources, Christine Melillo & Al Newman, Atlantic City Electric

Successful Grant Writing for Open Space Projects, Kerry Miller, ANJEC

2014 Environmental Congress

Featured Speaker Presentation:

Judith Enck, Administrator USEPA Region 2

Environmental Achievement Award Winners

Workshop Presentations and Handouts:

Energy Savings Plans, September 2014

Clean Energy Incentive Program, Gary Finger, NJBPU

Municipal Open Space:
Planning, Acquisition and Management
, April 2014

Municipal Stewardship of Open Spaces, Toward a Planned Approach, Dave Peifer, Project Director, ANJEC ()

2014 Land Trust Rally

Local Landowner Outreach, Lisa Butler, Esq., Eric Sween ()
Bethlehem Open Space Plan, Chapter 6 ()
Bethlehem Open Space Map ()

2014 Fundamentals for Effective Commissions

Effective Environmental Commissions ()
Updating or Creating an ERI/NRI ()
Land Use Planning and Site Plan Review ()


Living with Trees in New Jersey's Communities, January 2014

Vegetation Management () Jay Kaplan, Manager, Vegetation Management, PSE&G

No Net Loss Tree Planting () Bill Brash, NJ Certified Tree Expert and Consulting Forester

Living with Trees in New Jersey's Communities, December 2013

Chatham Twp. Sapling Sale (), Michael Kelly, Chatham Twp. Env.Commission

Passaic River Cleanup Update, November 2013

Feasibility study of Lower 8 Mile Cleanup, () Alice Yeh, USEPA

40th Annual Environmental Congress, October 2013

Keynote and Featured Speaker Presentations:

Workshop Presentations and Handouts:


Making Green Stormwater Management a Reality, September 2013

Stormwater Demo Project, Hightstown Housing Authority, () Keith LePrevost, Hightstown Environmental Commission

High Performing Environmental Commissions, September 2013

High Performing Environmental Commissions ()

Highland Park Meadow Trail Project ()


Using Green Infrastructure to Control Stormwater, April 2013

Green Infrastructure Implementation in the Raritan Basin and Beyond (14.04MB) Kathy Hale, NJ Water Supply Authority

Environmental Commission Training, March 2013

Environmental Commission Powers and Responsibilities () ANJEC

Creating or Updating an ERI () ANJEC

Land Use Planning and Ordinances () ANJEC

Site Plan Review () ANJEC


Environmental Commission Networking, February 25, 2013

Overview of the Land Use Enforcement Process ()Ginger Benckert and Randy Bearce, NJDEP

Partnering for Wildlife Habitat, February 12, 2013

Partnering for Habitat(), Mike Garrity, Atlantic City Electric

Wildlife Habitat Restoration Opportunities for Landowners in the Garden State

(), Eric Schrading, United States Fish & Wildlife Service

Harvesting the Rain: Reducing Runoff with Green Infrastructure, January 24, 2013

Harvesting the Rain: Reducing Runoff with Green Infrastructure (), Christopher C. Obropta, Ph.D., P.E., Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Harvesting the Rain: Green Infrastructure for a Healthier Rahway Watershed, January 31, 2013

Green Infrastructure (), Dave Peifer, ANJEC Project Director

Harvesting the Rain: Green Infrastructure for a Healthier Rahway Watershed (), Christopher C. Obropta, Ph.D., P.E., Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Environmental Congress, October 2012

Workshop Presentations


Partnering for Wildlife Habitat, October 2012

Partnering for Habitat,() Michael Garrity, Lead Environmental Scientist, Atlantic City Electric

Utility Scale Solar, Preparing Your Municipality, May 2012

Utility-Scale Solar, Preparing Your Municipality, ()Dave Peifer, ANJEC Project Director

On Farm Solar Energy Generation, () Susan E. Payne, Executive Director, State Agriculture Development Commmittee

Solar Energy Facilities, Challenges for New Jersey Municipalities, () Lisa Specca, PP, AICP, Clarke Caton Hintz

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Assessing Development Impacts, Considering State Regulations during Site Plan Review, March, 2012

NJ Statewide Stormwater, Flood Hazard and Wetlands Programs, Barry Chalofysky, P.P. ()

Considering State Stormwater Regulations in Site Plan Review ()
Margaret Snyder, P.E., Emerald Environmental Solutions

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Economic Development Opportunities in the Highlands, January, 2012

Economic Development Opportunities in the Highlands, () Dave Peifer, ANJEC Highlands Project Director

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October 2011, Environmental Congress

Green City, Clean Waters, The Role of Green Stormwater Infrastructure in Creating a Sustainable Philadelphia, Key Note Address () Glen Abrams, AICP, Philadelphia Water Dept, Office of Watersheds

Google Earth as Planning Tool, Case Study: Morris Canal Greenway ( ) Jennifer Gonzalez, Passaic County Planning Dept, Niek Veraart, AICP, ASLA, The Louis Berger Group, Inc, Matt Jacobs, The Lous Berger Group, Inc.

New Jersey GeoWeb: Supporting Transparency and Decision Making Through Interactive Mapping and Reporting () Paul Caris, GIS Specialist, NJDEP

NJ GeoWeb Instruction Handout ()

NJ GeoWeb Access Handout ()

Considering State Stormwater Regulations in Site Plan Review ()
Margaret Snyder, P.E., Emerald Environmental Solutions

Save it to Spade it, Food Waste Composting () Pat Collington, Chatham Twp. Environmental Commission

Green Business Cranford () Mary Reilly, Cranford Green Team Leader

Cranford Green Business Registration Form ()

Cranford Green Business Certificate ()

Hopewell Valley EQ Challenge, Raise Your Energy Intelligence Quotient () Rex Parker,Ph.D., Hopewell Township Environmental Commission

Riverkeeper Stormwater Report: New Jersey's Stormwater Management Implementation, A Case Study of Hamilton Twp, Mercer County () Delaware Riverkeep Network

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March 2011, Considering State Regulations in Site Plan Review

Assessing Environmental Impacts in Site Plan Review, () Margaret Snyder, P.E., Emerald Environmental Solutions

Flood Hazard Area Rules, (), John A. Miller, P.E., CFM, CSM, Princeton Hydro, LLC

April 2011, Sea-Level Rise, Tools to Prepare for Coastal Flooding

Sea-Level Rise in NJ (are we getting wet yet??), () Norbert Psuty, Rutgers University

Coastal COmmunity Vulnerability & Resilence Assessment -A Pilot Project, () Dorina Frizzera, NJ Coastal Management Office

Climate Adaption in the Delaware Estuary -Risks, Opportunities & Tough Choices, () Danielle Kreeger, Partnership for the Delaware Estuary

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November 2009, Highlands Conformance

The Benefits of Conformance (), David Peifer, ANJEC & Julia Somers, NJ Highlands Coalition

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* Some of the presentations have been compressed into black and white files for ease of viewing online. If you'd like to have a full color version of a certain presentation, please email anjec and we can mail you a copy on CD.


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