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Urban Environment Publications

Information and guidance for developed and urban communities

Many ANJEC publications are available online in PDF format (Adobe PDF icon). Just click the title to view online or download using your right mouse button. PDF files require Adobe Reader, available for free. Use the online form to order paper copies.

Environmental Commissioners' Handbook. (Adobe PDF icon) 2017. 86 pages. The fifth edition is filled with information commissions need to get the job done in their communities. To order, call ANJEC, 973-539-7547.

Municipal Planning for Clean Air. (Adobe PDF icon 247kb) Order paper copy. 1995. 16 pages. $1.00. How to use local master plans and ordinances to promote development that will get people out of their cars and reduce the source of half NJ’s air pollution. Includes two municipal examples, facts about car expenses and pollution, and a list of references.

Remediating and Redeveloping Brownfields in New Jersey: A Guide for Municipalities and Community Organizations. (Adobe PDF icon) 2014. 28 pages. ANJEC and the Center for Creative Land Recycling. An overview of the process for identifying, cleaning up and redeveloping older industrial, commercial and institutional properties in New Jersey. Includes information about how community organizations can participate in the process by advocating for cleanup and helping to plan for new uses that will benefit the community, including open space. Explains New Jersey’s new Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) program, and the agencies and professionals that are involved in the assessment, remediation, planning and funding of brownfield redevelopment. Many links and resources.

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Spreading the Word: A Publicity Handbook for Recycling. Order paper copy. 1986, 34 pages. $2.00. By Sandy Batty. The classic manual for promoting recycling programs. Gives ‘anatomies’ of brochures and press releases for easy imitation. Offers ideas for promotional activities, school programs and graphic design. Includes checklists, illustrations, clip art and reproduction sheets.

Urban Environmental Commissions (Adobe PDF icon 987kb). Order paper copy. 2003. 12 pages. FREE. Full of color photographs, this booklet illustrates how active environmental commissions can help protect health and the environment in NJ's urban and developed communities. Their work on open space, green infrastructure, recycling and litter, health issues, wildlife habitat restoration, energy, pedestrian and transportation, land use planning, education and community outreach makes a difference.

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