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Drawing of land and water

Water Resources

Freshwater Wetlands Protection

Freshwater Wetlands Protection in New Jersey: A Manual for Local Officials

For additional advice and information, contact the Resource Center.

Covering amendments through 2001, the manual explains the provisions of the NJ Freshwater Wetlands Regulations and offers local land use and application review techniques municipal boards and citizens can use to protect freshwater wetlands.

The Manual is $10. You can order a paper copy on line.

Municipalities can help protect water quality and prevent non-point-source pollution through planning and ordinances.

The Manual’s Chapters I, VIII, IX, and the Internet Resources are available on line (Adobe PDF icon 284kb).

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Table of Contents


  1. Why Protect Wetlands and How They Are Identified (Adobe PDF icon 134kb)
  2. The NJ Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act
  3. Permits Required Under the Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act
  4. Transition Areas
  5. State Review Process
  6. Enforcement
  7. Mitigation
  8. Municipal Land Use Law and the Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act (Adobe PDF icon 122kb)
  9. Long Term Protection for Freshwater Wetlands (Adobe PDF icon 90kb)


InternetResources (Adobe PDF icon 34kb)

Book References


  1. Wetlands Benefits
  2. Hydric Soils
  3. Response Time for Comment
  4. Statewide General Permit Chart
  5. Federally Endangered Swamp Pink Habitat
  6. Federally Endangered Bog Turtle Habitat
  7. DEP Violation Form
  8. Municipal Time Limits
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Vernal Pond Court Decision: Special Protection Still Possible

A July 2004 court decision finds that DEP cannot prohibit issuing State General Permit 6 in isolated wetlands, typical of vernal habitats. But DEP can prohibit most other general permits in these special habitats. View complete article.

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