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Drawing of land and water

Water Resources

New Jersey's Fertilizer Law

New Jersey’s new Fertilizer Law, enacted on January 5, 2011, is really about water quality.  It still allows you to feed your lawn, but in a way that reduces adverse impact on New Jersey waters.

Why the Law is Important

The rainwater that falls on our lawns and gardens picks up chemicals from fertilizers that we use to beautify our properties. This water flows directly to the nearest stream, often into our drinking water supply.

When nutrients become too abundant in our waterways, “blooms” of algae form and eventually die off and get consumed by bacteria. The bacteria deplete oxygen in the water, robbing it from marine life that needs oxygen to survive and causing water pollution.


What the Law Requires

To protect our State’s waterways from excess nutrients in stormwater runoff, New Jersey’s new Fertilizer Law requires residents to follow these rules:

About Phosphorous

Fertilizers containing phosphorous may not be applied to turf except when:

Education and Outreach Materials

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