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Drawing of land and water

Water Resources

Stormwater Management

Water is a non-renewable degradable resource. We
must treat it very
carefully. Stormwater — precipitation from rain and snow — is our major source of water. Stormwater management is important since it critically affects our water quality and supply, as well as recreational activities like swimming and fishing and a broad range of ecological areas.

For additional advice and information, contact the Resource Center.

Only about one percent of the water on earth is fresh water and available to support life. There is no new natural source — fresh water is constantly recycled.

Although non-point-source pollution (pollution from diffuse sources like run-off) has been recognized for decades as a major water quality problem, until recently our efforts have focused on point sources like sewage plant discharge pipes. As development has spread across the land, it has become clear that nonpoint sources, generally from stormwater, produce as much as half the pollutants in our surface and ground water.

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