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Drawing of land and water

Water Resources

Wastewater Management

Wastewater management is critical to protecting water resources. Sewers, Septics and Sprawl (Adobe PDF icon 73kb) explains the connections between development, water pollution, sanitary sewers and septics. It outlines key municipal actions to insure future clean water and sustainability.

For additional advice and information, contact the Resource Center.

New Jersey wastewater management regulations available in the Rules and Guidance section of NJDEP’s Division of Watershed Management web site.

Residents in more than 300 NJ communities use on-site septic systems. Most of them depend on wells for their water supply. Because septic systems replenish the groundwater, it is very important that they function properly and do not pollute the ground water.

Septic System Management for Clean Water (Adobe PDF icon 224kb) covers how septic systems work, the benefits and approaches to managing septic systems, and includes a model Septic Management ordinance that meets the state standards. Note: a number of municipal septic ordinances require stricter standards. Contact ANJEC’s Resource Center for copies of these ordinances.

Also see the ANJEC Report article,"Septic System Managemet: Is Your Town Doing All it Should?"

Additional sewer information available at NJDEP’s Onsite Wastewater Treatment Program.

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