Annual Report


Environmental commissions should submit an annual report to their governing body at the end of each year. Pausing to review your commission’s accomplishments is very uplifting. It’s an opportunity to take pride in all you’ve accomplished together and to think about your goals for the coming year.

Your annual report also helps your municipal officials realize how much your commission contributes to the quality of life in your town by protecting the air, water and open space and by educating residents. It can also help inform residents about the important environmental issues your members have been working on.

Instead of just emailing your annual report to governing body, why not schedule yourself on the January council meeting agenda and present it in person? It’s also a good idea to share your accomplishments with the planning board, other town departments and local media. The more people know what you’re working to achieve, the more likely they’ll be to support your efforts, even volunteer to help and get your budget approved.

What should it include?

  • Roster of members
  • Meeting dates for the year
  • List of activities and accomplishments – Share photos/fliers/brochures that were created
  • Consider including goals for the coming year

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