ANJEC Open Space Stewardship Grants

ANJEC is pleased to continue offering grants to environmental commissions in New Jersey for projects to further stewardship and community involvement in parks and other preserved spaces. The 2024 Grant cycle marks the 11th year of the program.

One-year grants of up to $1,500 will be available to environmental commissions in New Jersey whose applications are approved for funding in 2024.  

Grant applications are due on Friday, April 26th, 2024 at 4:30pm. 

Successful applicants will be notified by May 17, 2024

ANJEC expects to award approximately 15 grants in 2024. No cash match is required.

ANJEC will provide these grants to environmental commissions to support projects that do both of the following:

  • advance local open space stewardship, and
  • help to raise the profile of the environmental commission in the community through publicity and public participation or collaboration with local groups on the project.

** 2024 Funding includes the possibility for projects completed on/near remediated sites.

Grant Period & Reporting:
Grantees have one year to complete projects and submit final reports/documentation. Projects running past one year without authorization from ANJEC are subject to forfeit their grant funds.  Grantees are required to submit a minimum of 5 representative photos or other graphics for ANJEC’s use in publications and online reports.

Suitable projects include, but are not limited to:

  • pollinator gardens
  • trail building, signage, maintenance
  • printed or online guides, maps, inventories of open space, trails
  • open space or trails assessments, plans, maps
  • multi-town plans to link open space or trails
  • conservation easement inventory, monitoring, outreach, education
  • management of invasive species
  • habitat enhancement on open lands
  • restoration or maintenance of riparian areas within preserved public open space
  • educational stormwater management projects on preserved public open space

Grant eligibility details:

  • Eligible Applicants: NJ environmental commissions that are established by ordinance
  • Eligible project locations:  Municipal or other parcel(s) that are preserved open space.
  • Eligible Expenses: materials, speakers, professional services, printing, mailing, advertising. For events, a maximum of $100 from the grant is allowed toward food.
  • Ineligible Expenses: travel or labor by local volunteers, officials, or municipal staff
  • Commission members and local volunteers must provide and track a minimum of 80 hours of labor toward the project. No cash match is required to apply.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following:

1. Completeness – Does the application include a full description of deliverables, schedule and budget, including who will supervise and/or carry out each major task, when and how?

2. Budget ‐ Did the commission research and itemize major costs in preparing the budget and determining the amount requested? An application without an itemized budget will not qualify for a grant. Include all major costs, whether covered by grant funds or other funding sources.

3. Additional resources – Does the application list any community partners committed to and/or contributing to the project? Obtain commitment from the partner organizations before listing them.

4. Environmental commission benefit ‐ How will the environmental commission use this project to raise its long‐term visibility among residents and the governing body? Describe specific outreach tasks.

5. Impact on the community ‐ Does the application explain how residents or others will be informed and/or included in the project, and how this will have a positive impact on local open space?

6. Replicability or follow‐up – Does the application explain the project’s ongoing use, and/or how it will be an annual or other regular event? If the proposed activity is a plan, does the application address “next steps” and who will pursue them?

ANJEC may contact the Environmental Commission Contact Person and Chairperson to answer questions about the application, and other municipal representatives or project participants, as needed.


Funding for this program is made possible by generous contributions from
ANJEC supporters to the Candace McKee Ashmun Memorial Fund and the following sponsors:




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