Climate Change (Pollution)

Climate change is happening now and is affecting New Jersey with heavier rains, warmer temperatures, and more coastal flooding, and these trends are expected to continue through this century.  Municipalities in NJ and around the US are finding innovative ideas and programs to combat climate change by becoming more resilient.  A number of municipalities have aggressive Climate Action Plans including  Princeton, Hoboken and Trenton with Jersey City under way in developing one.  These plans can be used as models for your community.

NJDEP has developed a resource to help local governments in New Jersey understand how their communities can proactively plan for the changing climate and build resilience into their local governance.  The toolkit includes a Resilience Library of resources, case studies, templates and worksheets to help identify hazards, assess vulnerabilities, prioritize assets and develop strategies and solutions for local climate resiliency. The Resilience Library can be found here.

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