Sample Ordinances for Protecting Significant Coastal Habitats

ANJEC originally developed this booklet in 1998 in an effort to establish sound public policy guidelines for land use decisions and to educate local officials and citizens on the benefits of protecting coastal migratory bird habitat. Today, with growing concerns about the impacts of sea level change due to global warming, the importance of sustainable land use decisions has become even more
critical, particularly in coastal areas. We hope this booklet will offer local environmental commissions and planning boards an arsenal of practical tools and techniques they can use, not only to protect bird habitat but to mitigate and adapt to the changes ahead.

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Coastal Waterways (Water)

New Jersey’s coastal zone boundary encompasses approximately 1,800 miles of tidal coastline, including 126 miles along the Atlantic oceanfront from Sandy Hook to Cape May.  NJ’s coastal waterways can be affected by many land changes, protecting natural resources also protects the waterways.

The New Jersey’s  Coastal Management Program (NJCMP) is part of the National Coastal Zone Management Program which addresses pressing coastal issues, including sustainable and resilient coastal community planning, climate change , ocean planning, and planning for energy facilities and development.  NJCMP is a networked program comprised of many offices within the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) with the shared responsibility of managing New Jersey’s coastal resources.

Sample ordinances for protecting significant coastal habitats can be found here.

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