Urban (Government)

Environmental commissions can help protect health and the environment in New Jersey’s urban and developed communities. They make a difference through their work on open space, green infrastructure, recycling and litter, health issues, wildlife habitat restoration, energy, pedestrian and transportation, land use planning, education and community outreach. Brownfields are a particular issue in urbanized communities.

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Sustainable Communities

There are different approaches to meet present and future environmental, social and economic needs. Elements of a sustainable community include leadership, civic engagement and responsibility, ecological integrity, economic security, and social well-being. For more information and resources on Sustainable Communities download the informational sheet here.

Commission Operations (Government)

Effective environmental commissioners are the local heroes for natural resources in the community.  Environmental commissions work on many issues, including open space preservation, land use issues including smart growth, wetlands and water resource protection, green infrastructure, recycling and litter, environmental cleanups, flora and fauna habitat protection, energy efficiency and conservation and transportation.  They work with local officials to help revitalize their communities.

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Environmental Commissioners Handbook (ANJEC)


Recognized as an important national and international environmental asset, state and federal legislation in the late 1970’s formed a partnership to preserve, protect and enhance the Pinelands’ special natural and cultural resources. In 1983, the US Man and the Biosphere Program and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) designated the Pinelands as the first National Reserve in the US.

NJ Highlands

The New Jersey Highlands is New Jersey’s major water source, with extensive diverse natural habitat.  This region is a vital open space reserve complementing the densely developed population centers of Philadelphia, northern New Jersey, New York City, and eastern Connecticut. Overall, the region provides a host of natural functions necessary for sustaining the developed northeastern United States.

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