Green Buildings (Land Use)

NJ has a robust green building program and resources are available for municipal officials to upgrade municipal properties.  Municipalities should consider adding a green building and sustainability plan to their Master Plan.  The Sustainability Element of the Master Plan seeks to encourage and promote the efficient use of natural resources and the installation and usage of renewable energy systems; consider the impact of buildings on the local, regional and global environment; allow ecosystems to function naturally; conserve and reuse water; treat stormwater on-site; and optimize climatic conditions through site orientation and design.

In 2019, Rutgers Center for Green Building updated  The New Jersey Green Building Manual (NJGBM), a resource tailored for New Jersey providing economic and environmental best practices across the spectrum of green building categories including energy, emissions, water, waste, siting, transportation, and human health. The Manual comprises Commercial and Residential sections with best practices strategies applicable to new and existing buildings.

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